Team Converse Logo Design Fee

Logo design fee is for design and digitizing preparation for your Logo ...

We want your team to look great on and off the competition mat!

We offer you a 100% custom designed converse with your team/business logo. There is a one time design/set-up Fee per Logo.

Want to offer more than one look? No Problem! We can design as many as you want!  The converse come with 1 style of your team logo on each shoe, you can add a 2nd style (1 on each shoe) by selecting below.  Please note that there is an additional $20.00 set up fee to have 2 different logos.

 ****Shipping cost is for the actual sample converse being sent to your gym - you will only recieve 1 shoe (not a pair)


**By checking the “Yes” box, I hereby grant to Redefined Design Inc. D.B.A. as “Blingity Bling” permission to use our copyrighted material.  I am granting Blingity Bling permission for non-exclusive rights to use our image(s), and/or art object(s) and to reproduce them on their products that include boots, hoodies, t-shirts and other apparel related items.

 I certify that no other individual or parties hold copyright interest in the work(s) described above and that I hold all rights to the works listed. I hereby certify and covenant that I am of legal age.

Team Converse Logo Design Fee

Price: $25.00
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